Welcome to my shop! Our mission is to spread joy and positivity one spoon at a time!

We create inspirational, and fun pieces using antique silver plated flatware! We truly believe that "you are what you project", so what better way is there to project a feeling, than to wear it ??! 

Our products range from: Spoon pendants, to cake/pie servers, to tea/coffee spoons, all the way to witty stamped butter knives. If you can't spread joy by wearing one of our pieces, you sure can by using one of our adorable butter knives.

All of our pieces "speak" to people in different ways, which is why i love to carry such a wide variety of sayings.

Each piece is unique and made to order. They will not look exactly like the photos, but we do our best to replicate.

New items will be listed as i expand the shop, so please check back regularly to see what i've been up to!




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